Will I lose my tokens if Lofty AI goes out of business?

No. If Lofty went out of business, each property LLC would continue to remain in existence as a separate legal entity for property holding, tax, accounting, liability, and member ownership purposes. Regardless of what happens to Lofty AI, Inc., the assets and the Lofty tokens of an LLC would remain independent and intact. The Lofty tokens would still represent and evidence ownership of the property contained in the LLC and, as such, could be transferred in the market, as needed, so long as applicable securities transfer rules are complied with. You, therefore, remain the owner of your tokens. If there is a liquidation of Lofty AI, Inc., a new Managing Member would be appointed. This could be a lawyer on a temporary basis, an accountant, or even the largest token holder for example. If Lofty is no longer in business, then we would not be able to purchase the tokens back and provide liquidity, so please be aware of this risk. With that said, the tokens still entitle you share of the property, so your principal will still be protected. If the property were voted on by the token owners for liquidation, you would still be able to recover your investment plus any gains from the sale.

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